#31dc2017weekly – Week 01 (Red Nails)

Evening, lovelies! I never did finish the original 31 Day (nail art) Challenge back in September. I believe I made it to day 10 on Instagram, but I’m not entirely sure without looking. I know I only made blog posts up to day 06. 

Last night I came across the challenge again, only this time it was presented as a weekly challenge instead of a daily challenge – though it is still called the 31 Day Challenge. I thought to myself, “if I can’t manage one nail art a week, I’m a loser”. Also, it will promise a blog post a week, and this blog needs a little help in that department. Challenge accepted!

The prompt for the first week is ‘red nails’. I picked an untried bought from an Instagram user I’d been wanting to swatch for forever now – Sticky Sweet Candy Apples by Heather’s Hues. It’s my first and only HH polish. I’ve just now found out that Heather sells minis, too, (in 7.5 ml no less!), so I feel a haul is in order in my near future. I need more Heather’s Hues!

Take a look at this beauty:

Sticky Sweet Candy Apples is a squishy red jelly sprinkled with red, gold, and bronze multichrome flakes and clear holo microglitters. I used three coats for this swatch. There wasn’t any gooey build-up between layers; each coat dried relatively fast for a jelly and the next coat went on like buttah. I’m a fan!

Some macros for ya:

Okay, I really want to eat that. 

I tried a little nail art next, and while it isn’t my favorite nail art (I swear I’m colorblind), it’ll do. I’m not a fan of starting over.

People make vinyls look so easy. Vinyls are not easy. 

So that’s it for week 01 of the 31 Day Challenge (Weekly!)! I’ll see you guys again for week 02 unless I see you before that. I have a 3-day weekend so there really isn’t any excuses. But I’m sure I’ll come up with one.

If you love the look of Sticky Sweet Candy Apples and want a bottle for yourself, you can find it right HERE. A full-size bottle at 15mL is $9.00 and the mini-size (7.5mL) is $5.75.


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