February Ipsy Review

I have to ask, not that y’all would know, but where in the world was my motivation yesterday?? I took off work and all I did was take two 4-5 hour long naps. I mean, I probably really needed them, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I didn’t paint my nails even once!

This is my third month as an Ipsy subscriber and my first post regarding something other than nail polish. I hope it isn’t a concern for you guys that I plan on reviewing some makeup items as well…I figure that if you love nail polish, you probably love makeup, too. Is that ignorant of me? Prolly. 

If you don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a beauty subscription service where each month you receive a “glam bag” containing four to five items ranging from sample to deluxe sample-sized (and sometimes even full-sized!). The service costs only $10 a month (an extra $5 if you ship to Canada), and that to me is an inexpensive way to try various products without having to shell out too much cash. 

Every month I receive both Ipsy and Play! by Sephora and in my opinion one is on par with the other when it comes to the products I get. Ipsy is more catered to the individual, I think, even though you have a profile for both services. Ipsy is supposed to continue to evolve over time to better fit your wants and/or needs the more you review the products you receive and as you update your profile as needed (say, if you want to receive less foundation samples, you can always deselect [and reselect] the foundation option in your profile). Play! by Sephora has a few by the box variations each month, but that’s about it as far as I know. 

For the month of February, four out of the five products were full-sized! February’s glam bag is denim with an orange trim and zipper tag in the shape of lips. I’m not a huge fan of denim (or the color orange for that matter) but I really like this bag! I’ve found ways to re-purpose all of my glam bags thus far, but I haven’t decided what I’ll do with this one yet. I may use it to store some of my planner/bullet journal bits and bobs. I just picked up a load of cute things from Burke’s the other day, and a haul post is in the works. BOLO. 

Anyway, onto the products themselves! I was happy with everything I got this month, and judging from the other Ipsy unboxing posts I’ve read, I wasn’t the only one! 

The Biobelle face masks and the Luxie brush were too big to fit inside the bag! Let us take a moment of awe-filled silence. Ipsy, this is the kind of bag we love to see. Keep up the fantastic work!

Biobelle™ Botanic Fiber Facial Mask in #iwokeuplikethis and #staygorgeous ($4.99)

I love facial masks! I tried my first mask around two months ago. I remember it being super wet and the serum leaking down my neck and pooling up in my cleavage, but hey, it was so easy to use. These Biobelle masks are no different (albeit not as wet, thankfully). I used the #iwokeuplikethis one last week, which claims to enhance the skin’s natural glow, and loved the way my skin looked and felt afterward. Tonight I am due for another face mask and I can’t wait! Biobelle masks are parabens, gluten and GMO free. 

NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry ($6)

I was excited to find a full-sized lipstick in this month’s glam bag! I own a couple of matte shades from NYX, and to be honest, I’m tired of matte lips, so I was thrilled this wasn’t matte! While I’ve received a lot of shades similar to this one this season, it’s still a gorgeous color. It’s very pigmented and very creamy (buttery?). You don’t need to put a lip balm on before you apply this, as it’s super moisturizing all by itself. It’s not anything-proof, though, so don’t forget to carry it with you for touch-ups. 

Luna Highlighter in Calypso ($23)

Another full-sized product! This highlighter is a little grey if you pack on too much, but with a light hand it provides a very sophisticated glow. I wear this highlighter every time I want a highlight. I apply it to my cheekbones, the bridge and tip of my nose, and my cupid’s bow with a small angled brush. It has a pretty outstanding glow, so I usually tone it down with a bit of setting powder. 

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Blush Brush 514 ($18)

My first brush from Luxie Beauty! I did read that others believed this brush to be too small to be used for blush, but that’s what I’ve been using it for. I’m in love with it! The bristles are some of the softest I’ve ever felt. It doesn’t pick up too much product at once, which a girl can be thankful for. Because of the price tag, though, I wouldn’t purchase this with my own money (unless I found it super cheap at TJ Maxx, where I usually buy my makeup brushes). Luxie Beauty brushes are cruelty-free and vegan with synthetic bristles. 

Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer (Full Size: $25 – Sample Size: $2.18)

This bronzer/contour is a medium cool-toned matte brown shade. The formula is soft and extremely buildable, but what’s up with the size of that pan? You can’t even fit a brush in there (but you can fit a penny)! This sample was disappointing for me. It will probably be used as an eyeshadow. 

That’s everything, guys! This month’s value came out to be $59.16, which means I received a little under $50 worth of absolutely free stuff!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more in the future! I’d be glad to share my Play! by Sephora boxes, too!

Until next time!


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