Nailed It! Nail Polish –  Conversation Hearts Collection 

Hiya! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m hoping to dive right back into blogging from here. While things haven’t exactly calmed down too much at work just yet, there is a possibility that in a good month from now I’ll be back on a more regular schedule. Fingers super-double crossed!

So what’s new with me? I started a bullet journal (bujo for short) at the beginning of January and I’m crazy in love with the system! I bought a Recollections planner from Michaels before the New Year and while I still have that and utilize it (somewhat), the bullet journal is where it’s at for me! I’m currently using a cheap grid composition notebook, but I’m looking forward to upgrading to a Leuchtturm notebook when this one is filled up! So while we wait patiently for that to happen and for my work schedule to take about twenty chill pills, let’s take a look at some pretty nail polish!

I’ll admit, at first I didn’t know what a “conversation heart” was. Did I skip childhood? Didn’t we all receive crazy amounts of Brach’s conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day back in elementary school? Yes, yes we did. And today I have the Conversation Hearts collection from Nailed It! Nail Polish to share with you. This collection (available now) consists of four polishes, all of which apply as smooth as a goat’s teet and are opaque in two coats. Now onto the swatches!

First up is XOXO, a red-leaning hot pink scattered holo. What a start to the collection, eh? The sparkle in this bad boy is unreal!

I did a thing:

Oooh, look who’s sexy! I’m not the happiest with my macros but we’ll work on that. 

This perfect baby pink is Let’s Kiss. Upon seeing the initial release photos, I thought XOXO and Let’s Kiss looked very similar to one another, but they’re actually shades apart.

And of course, the sub-par macro:

Did I mention these all apply in two smooth, buttery coats? Tia absolutely knocked it out of the park with the formula on these!

The next one is called Be Mine, and it’s probably my favorite one out of all of them. To me it seemed a little more chunky than the others, but it still applied completely opaque in two coats and only needed one coating of top coat to be smooth to the touch. So I don’t know, it might have been my imagination. Regardless, it’s formula is obviously just as perfect as the others’. 

Who’s never not ready for their close-up?

The last one is called Me & You and was hands-down the most popular swatch on my instagram. There were over 300 views on the #videoswatch whereas the others in the collection only received around 50! We love the classic silver holo, don’t we? This one is no exception to some of the best out there. This macro proves it:

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want that. That’s classy stuff right there. 

If you love glitter polishes and want all the sparkle without the scratchy textures, 3 billion + coats (without the use of a makeup sponge), and difficult removal processes, this entire collection is just for you! I was super impressed with the formula and easy application of these, and would highly recommend them. Single polishes are $8.50 and the entire collection will only set you back $30. 

Thanks for stopping by, guys, and I’m sorry for stepping away for so long! I also want to thank you all for still being here when I came back. It means the world to me!

And if you haven’t done so yet, please give me a follow on Instagram! When I reach 1k I will have a pretty large giveaway (that I’m adding to all the time), so you don’t want to miss out on it!

Bye for now!


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