Indie, Indeed! Nailed It! Nail Polish – Eat. Shop. Love. Collection Swatch and Review

Disclaimer: I received these products at a discount and a review on my blog was not required. 

Hey, guys! You’ll be glad to know I’m not dead. I’m not gonna go into any boring details on why I’ve been absent from posting, just that there were some issues with WordPress (or my phone’s memory, whatev) that actually prevented me from doing so and as a result I lost my entire storage of inspiration for a while. Quite a while. 

But I’m back today, and with a brand new collection from Nailed It! to share with you guys. Tia sent me a bloggers discount code and allowed me to choose whatever my polish lovin’ heart desired from her store. Naturally, I bought her newest collection (before the Christmas collections were released) – the Eat. Shop. Love. Collection – which consists of five polishes all full of shimmery, flakie goodness. I promise you’ll want to see these! 

This first one is “Shop Till You Drop”, which is described as. It was opaque in two coats and I added a glossy top coat for extra shine. 

None of these swatches would be complete without a macro:

See what I mean? Tia did such an amazing job with these colors! From a distance “Shop Till You Drop” appears more subdued and dainty, but then you get close and BAM. Magic. 

Next is “Family Affair”, which is described as. It was completely opaque for me in two coats. As with the previous swatch, “Family Affair” also appears pretty subdued until…

BAM again. More magic. I’m sorry, did I startle you? The flakies in these polishes are just so guhhh-inducing and they compliment their bases extremely well. I know you’re agreeing with me right now. 

This next one is called “Black Friday”, described as. The flakies in this one are a lot more subtle to the naked eye than I expected them to be – they’re sort of difficult to see, especially in lower lighting – but that doesn’t make this polish any less amazingcapturing all the colors of the rainbow before bed-time. 

Check this:

Rainbow over black has never been so darn fancy! 

Next up is “Cyber Monday”, described as. This one was probably my favorite of the whole collection. With the base being a lighter shade, all of those little shards of magic were fully exposed. It was more on the sheer side than the others, and took me three coats for full opacity. 

Mandatory Macro:

Uuuuunnghh. That’s all I got. 

The last polish in this collection is called “Bring the Bubbly”, described as. This is the perfect color for an evening of champagne-poppin’ at an intimate event or for martinis on New Years Eve in New York. Those are the repeating images in my head, anyway. I say pair it with a little black dress and some sling-backs and take the night by storm. Thank me later. 

Aaaand, the macro:

That does it for the Eat. Shop. Love. Collection! If any of these caught your fancy, they’re all still up for grabs in Tia’s shop. The entire collection is $36.00, or you can buy them individually for $8 a bottle. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll have more heading your way soon, along with a few not-nail-polish-related posts, but still beauty-related nonetheless. We’re all ladies, here (shoutout to any men reading this, too); we love anything beauty-related! So I hope that’s okay with everyone. 

Thanks again for dropping in! Until next time!


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