Blog Update 

Hey, guys! I’m having a bit of an unfortunate problem with WordPress at the moment and future posts will have to be put on hold until it’s resolved. 

For some reason, after downloading this last update, I can no longer add images after text. It causes WordPress to quit working, and according to Support the trouble isn’t even within the app itself, it’s somehow part of the Android IOS. So before I go tinkering with things best left to the professionals, I’m going to leave it in their hands and let them figure out what’s causing this. I’m waiting on word back from the developers as I write this. I’m (figuratively) biting my nails in anticipation because I have tons of reviews in queue to edit and publish. 

I was biding my time for The Fix to arrive and just start posting again, but I figured you all deserve an explanation even though this problem is (hopefully) temporary! I just want to thank you all for sticking with me through these last few months, for reading and liking and commenting on my posts; you’ve been the greatest motivation I could have asked for. 

I’ll be back very soon. Until then, keep on a’polishin’ those nails! 


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