31DC2016: Day 03 Yellow Nails

China Glaze "S'more Fun"

I’ve never really liked yellow nail polish, probably because yellow-stained nails are such an unflattering look (though it doesn’t mean your nails are unhealthy by any means), and a lot of yellow shades mimic that natural yellow stain. I hate going bare-nailed because of the yellow stains — I don’t want to cover them up with more yellow!

Behold China Glaze “S’more Fun”, which is not your everyday yellow, and for that I am grateful. It’s very similar to Butter London “Wellies”, which I don’t have a swatch of, but here is an image from Google:


Credit goes to Ommorphia Beauty Bar.

Thanks for reading, guys. Until next time!

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  1. Great one, Chelsea. Unless it’s the lighting, there appears to be some green in the yellow? That would swing my vote because I don’t think a pure yellow is complimented by my skin tone. Sue

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