Indie, Indeed! Pretty & Polished Swatch & Review

Hey, everyone! So today I’m reviewing another brand I’ve had my eye on for quite some time now called Pretty & Polished. I’ve seen the brand’s signature round bottles adorning the well-manicured hands of lacquer fanatics all over Instagram for months and months, and now I’ve finally gotten my own hands on a nice little haul myself!

Pretty & Polished (P&P) was started in 2011 and is 5 free, vegan and crueltyfree — they also never purchase their raw ingredients from companies that test on animals! I love owning and supporting crueltyfree brands. Mind you, I still own several products from brands that aren’t crueltyfree, but awareness is the first step and I’m slowly rotating these products out.

I placed my order the morning of the 15th and by noon it had already shipped! They sent me a shipping confirmation email which included a link that took me straight to the USPS tracking page. In the past I’ve always had to pull up the USPS website myself and copy/paste the tracking number, so this was a huge plus for me. On the 18th my order was in my mailbox, just three days after I’d placed it!

Now, onto the swatches! (Note: sorry for the various hand poses. I always upload my photos to Instagram first and I was experimenting with different ones…I’ve since settled on a permanent hand pose.)


First in the lineup is three coats of “Jawbreaker”, a white crème base packed with with blue, green, yellow, red, and purple glitters in all different shapes and sizes! The colors do remind me of a Jawbreaker. I’ve wanted this polish since Instagram user @mglazer07 posted a photo of it sometime back in June. During that month, the proceeds of the purchases of Jawbreaker were donated to families affected by the Pulse shooting in Orlando. I only wish I could have bought a bottle then!


The next swatch I have is ‘Not Enough Claritin In The World”, a creamy white base filled with bright micro glitters and neon circle glitter. This is another polish I’ve wanted since the beginning of time. The name is what drew me in (not to mention it’s a crelly!). My mom actually used to keep me and my brother on a daily regimine of the actual Claritin in pill form during allergy season. That stuff is super expensive, so I’m happy to receive my dose of Claritin in the form of a pretty mani instead (hur, hur).


Up next is Heart of the Ocean, a royal blue jelly packed with metallic hex and circle glitters named after the fictional blue diamond in the movie Titanic. I’ll be honest, I waited until the very last minute to swatch this one. I’m not sure if it was just my bottle or what, but the formula was really thick and hard to work with. I was able to make it work after adding nail polish thinner, but without it I doubt I’d been able to pull off a decent paint job. That being said, Heart of the Ocean is a right stunner, especially with a matte top coat. It really makes the glitter sparkle!


The next two swatches I have are both from P&P’s Dusty Crèmes collection. I have a huge, raw soft spot in my heart for dusty shades — who’d have ever thought I’d find an entire collection devoted to them?  P&P’s Dusty Cremes are made with a special large particle pigment, which helps gives them the dusty look. I wanted them all, of course, but in the end I settled on two. The first one up is “A Cashmere Rose By Any Other Name”, a smokey candy pink crème opaque for me in two thin coats. The Dusty Cremes dry to a satin finish, so for shine just add a glossy taco.


The next Dusty Crème and last of the P&P haul is “Reflect And Ponder”, a smokey dark navy with dusty speckles opaque for me in two coats. This one wasn’t as strongly pigmented as “A Cashmere Rose By Any Other Name”, but two coats for each brought both to full opacity.

That’s all for the swatches! I want to apologize for being a day late with this post, but I hope you still enjoyed. The next “Indie, Indeed!” will be up September 16th, so BOLO for that!

Thanks so much for dropping in! Until next time!

Note: P&P is based in the Midwest and is very active in charities both local and far-reaching. If you have a charity in mind you think they should look into, you can contact them at!

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