31DC2016: Day 02 Orange Nails


Hey, guys! So the prompt for day two (which was yesterday, I know, I’m bad) of #31dc2016 was orange nails. I think I’m going to keep this theme of solid colors going for the first six prompts, so that I can have a rainbow on my TL (so long as I don’t post too many swatches in between the prompts).

The color I chose was “Morning Maitai” from Nailed It!’s “Summer Is Coming” collection, the first ever collection I swatched for an indie company on my Instagram. “Morning Maitai” is a coral-y orange with gold shimmer. It’s a beauty.

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and I couldn’t tell you if anyone missed yesterday’s “Indie, Indeed!” or not, but that post will be up later today. I had most of it edited and then life happened. I hate it when life happens, don’t you?

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My name is Chelsea and I'm an avid nail polish lover and warrior swatcher! You can also find me on Instagram under @sittingpolishpretty :)

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