31DC2016: Day 01 Red Nails

Zoya "Vanessa"

For Day One of #31DC2016 I went with plain red nails. The color was just too beautiful to cover up with art stuffs. Plus I love the way it looks by itself, as though I’ve dipped my fingers in the blood of my enemies.

I purchased this color last night at Ulta without thinking that #31DC2016 was about to begin, knowing the first prompt was red nails. Truth is, I’ve been slightly obsessed with reds and mauves and wines here lately, so when I saw Vanessa at the store for $5 I snatched it up (my Zoya collection is slowly growing)! On an unrelated note and for the first time in history, it was the only polish I bought. I made the mistake of opting for the “other Ulta” since I hadn’t been in a while, and unfortunately their nail polish selection left a lot to be desired.

I do love my girl Zoya, though. The ones I’ve bought have all been super creamy, easy to apply and opaque. Vanessa was no different!

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