Indie, Indeed! Native War Paints Swatch & Review

Hey, guys! On this Friday’s” Indie, Indeed!” I have swatches from Native War Paints to share with you! I’ve always wanted to have a few of these in my indie collection, so I was pretty hyped for this order. I even completed it while grocery shopping with my husband, to his feigned annoyance (I know he was amused…okay, he was probably annoyed tbh).

Native War Paints (NWP) was established by Amanda Pigeon-Scribner, a former Miss Potawatomi Nation, who got into frankening as a little girl (frankening is mixing different nail polishes together to create new colors). I’m not sure of the year NWP was established as it isn’t listed on their website. If anyone knows, please leave a comment and I will update (with due credit of course).

The Social Media

If you own an Instagram and you don’t follow NWP, what are you waiting for? They also have a YouTube channel where they post swatch & review videos of their collections, as well as “Making of a Collection” episodes that show behind-the-scenes footage highlighting the ins and outs of owning and running an indie nail polish business. The episodes are as funny as they are informative, so you want to check them out when you get a chance!

The Swatches

Onto the polishes! I purchased four shades in total from different parts of their website: “Cable Knit Sweater” from the Cozy Sweaters Collection, “Dinglehopper” from the Discontinued section, “Nude Nikki” from NWP Classic Essentials The Nudes Collection, and Prototype #269, a Mystery Paints polish.

Native War Paints "Cable Knit Sweater" — Swatch by @sittingpolishpretty

The first swatch up is two coats of Cable Knit Sweater, a dark grey polish filled with pretty gold shimmer. This color is perfect for the fall, which, may I remind you, is right around the corner! This one pulled ever so slightly when I went over a spot one too many times, but a second coat smoothed everything out and gave me a perfect application.


The next swatch is four coats of “Dinglehopper”, a seafoam green jelly with red, purple, blue and silver glitter. This one was my favorite of them all! It was sort of a pain to apply, though. I had to fish for the bigger circle glitters, which I think really pulled the whole look of the polish together. The smaller glitters distributed themselves fairly evenly without any manipulation.


I didn’t know until after I’d already swatched this polish that it was inspired by The Little Mermaid, one of my favorite childhood movies! Ahhh, you see it now, don’t you?! That’s what I said anyway lol.


This next swatch is two coats of “Nude Nikki” from NWP Classic Essentials The Nudes Collection, which is a line of work appropriate essential colors ($35 for the entire 6-peice collection — a steal).

This smoky brown polish with a golden brown shimmer leans more dusty-purple on the website than it does at all in person, so I was a little disappointed in the color difference. However, the application was flawless and it is a pretty brown now a unique part of my growing indie collection, so no hard feelings! Note the label is different from the label of regular NWP polishes. NWP Classic Essentials has its own Instagram; you can find it here.


Last but not least is a two coat swatch of Prototype #269, a seafoam green crème with golden shimmer. This polish can be a one-coater depending on application. I found it easy to work with, not too thick but certainly on the thicker side, and that it reminded me fondly of Gak. Anyone else remember Gak?

Prototype #269 was a Mystery Paints polish they offer on their website. From the description:

Mystery Paints are prototypes that I mixed while experimenting with different pigments and glitters. Each Mystery Paint is a quality polish, no clumpy pigments, no curling or bleeding glitters. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of them

The Mystery Paints’ non-holographic option (the version I purchased) is $6 and the holographic/duochrome option is $8.50.

**NWP hand-mixes all of their polishes, so there may be slight variations from one bottle to the next.**

That’s all for the swatches! I was pleased with this purchase and I would definitely recommend you check out Native War Paints if you haven’t already!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday’s “Indie, Indeed!” post. If you have any recommendations for future “Indie, Indeed!” features, please leave a comment.

Until next time!

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