#wmpw2016 Week 1 — Black & White Swirls Watermarble

Hey, guys! If you’ve read my In The Pursuit of Watermarble post then you know I’m on a personal quest to achieve decent watermarbling skills. It’s quite hard. You would think dropping nail polish into water and drawing a few line-things through the different colors would be easy. Hur, hur.

So, Instagram has this monthly #watermarblepracticewed I came across while doing my usual search for nail challenges at the beginning of each month. I jumped at the opportunity because hellooo, forced practice. I need that kind of motivation, ya heard?

Week One was a simple two-color watermarble — black and white swirls. I’d never done swirls before, so I watched a few tutorials and believed I was all set for the jump.

I wasn’t quite set, though. It took me four tries (maybe it was five?) before I was happy with the results. I was going to post a photo showing what most of my first attempts looked like, but I deleted it on accident. They came out real “murky”, I guess would be the word — standalone swirls of either the black or white were non-existant and there were far too many small swirlies and grey areas that were hard to see. I’d drawn one (or seven) too many swirls. So, in my very last attempt, I drew just a swirl or two with the lightest hand possible, and these were the results:


My pointer finger is a good example of the “murkiness” I tried to explain previously, though much less murky in this case. The amount of swirls you do before dipping your finger is key. I was very pleased with the other fingers, however. I really should have gone back and re-did my pointer, but I was sick of “re-doing” at that point tbh.

The next day I added a thing or two, just to spice it up a little:


I used Fingerpaints‘ “Hue Brighten My Day” to accentuate the black and Black Dahlia Lacquer‘s “Olaf’s Snowflowers” (you can find the swatch/review here) to add some depth to the white. The reddish color is “Surreal Sunset”, a sparkly duo-chrome also from Fingerpaints.

I received a lot of compliments on this mani from co-workers and inmates alike (although the inmates are also, technically, my co-workers…just the incarcerated kind).

Thanks for reading, guys! Until next time!

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  1. I hate doing watermarble, I just can’t get it right and like you said, it gets boring re-doing them with no success. I also think it must be a huge waste of nail varnish, but I suppose I did buy the polish to use haha! I really like the added ‘spice’ idea too!

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