Indie, Indeed! Little Nail Girl Swatch and Review

Hey, guys! I’d almost forgot about this post as I’ve been sitting on these polishes for over two weeks now (usually I’m posting just a day or so after swatching). It’s also been pretty hectic at home and with work; we’re set to privatise at the end of the month so I’ve been busy trying for a promotion, and I’m happy to let you guys know I was promoted yesterday! If I choose to go with the vendor I will receive another 20% raise, so I wanted my base pay to be as high as I could possibly get it before that time comes. Goal accomplished!

I’ve also been busy packing because we finally found us our own place! It’s been a long (at times extremely hard) year living with his parents and trying to get our finances in order after an unfortunate layoff. With both of us working at the prison now and bringing in consistent paychecks, we’ve managed to do just that! On top of everything else, we’re currently on our way to Arkansas to see my parents. So much going on! But, y’all aren’t here to read about my life — y’all are here for the swatches! So, without further ado, I present to you Little Nail Girl Lacquer (LNG).

LNG is a boutique brand, meaning the product is made in a lab. I actually filled out a swatcher application on the website and Heather, the owner, quickly sent me a blogger discount code to use at checkout. Even though these polishes were bought at a discount, all opinions included in this review are my own and I wasn’t compensated for this post.

Little Nail Girl Lacquers are made in the USA, are Eco & Vegan Friendly and are 7 Free! No dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, xylene or camphor (which are all known carcinogens).

Today I have swatches of three summery shades that were originally part of the Wanderlust Collection as well as a bonus shade I chose because I loved the color. I also did some nail art to accompany the swatches! Let’s get to it.

The first swatch I have to show you is “Spring It On!”, a crème pastel/neon peachy/orange* (*description from the website) that’s opaque in two coats. It has an easy application and dry-time was minimal. I like the shade more than those of other peachy shades I own.

Little Nail Girl "Spring It On!"
Little Nail Girl "Spring It On!" with "Chris-Teal" for this simple nail art using tetris vinyls from Bundle Monster.

The next swatch I have for you is “Chris-Teal”, a beautiful summery blue/green teal with a slight micro-shimmer* that has a gel-like finish. The picture on the website is a lot more sky-blue than what you see here, which is much closer to the actual color. It’s not really a problem for me because I love the shade regardless, but the color depicted on the website is a bit misleading. In person it’s quite a bit darker, yet super squishy looking and so shiny!

Little Nail Girl "Chris-Teal"
Little Nail Girl "Chris-Teal" with flowers. This was my first time doing flowers and I think they turned out pretty great!

The last swatch I have for you from the Wanderlust Collection is “Danika”, a light pink leaning toward lavender with iridescent shimmers glistening all throughout*. I could still see my nail line even after four coats, which I’m not a huge fan of. Some people don’t mind the look, though.

Little Nail Girl "Danika"
Little Nail Girl "Danika"
Little Nail Girl "Danika" and "Wolf & Raven" by Nailicity Nail Polish with cyclone star vinyls from Bundle Monster

Last but certainly not least is “Corbin”, an olive/army green with beautiful golden shimmer*. This was, I think, three coats. It isn’t as sheer as “Danika” is and there is no VNL (visible nail line) after three coats.

Little Nail Girl "Corbin"

Unfortunately I don’t have any nail art to accompany “Corbin”. I did attempt a diamond pattern on my accent nail using a gold polish and, had it turned out any good, it would have been here with us today. I don’t think you need me to tell you things didn’t work out between us lol.

So, that’s all I have for you on this “Indie, Indeed!”. This is the fifth installment of the series and I hope you’re enjoying them! I can take and totally want your constrictive criticism, so please, if you have any, comment below! I’m always looking to improve the quality of my blog for you all!

Guys, thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

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