China Glaze “It’s A Trap-eze!” Swatch and Review

Hey, all! If you didn’t already know it I’m a huge, huge fan of crellies. I don’t guess I have any one specific reason why I love them so much, I just dig the way they look and I think they’re a great alternative to glitter polishes (though some crellies bare matte glitter/confetti). I want all the crellies!

From the moment I laid eyes upon a swatch of China Glaze’s “It’s A Trap-eze!” it was love at first sight. It reminded me of that Funfetti cake you can buy at the store, and who doesn’t love a polish that makes you think of desserts? After several trips to Ulta spent keeping my eyes peeled, I was finally able to snag a bottle of this rainbowy goodness for my very own.


A lot of reviews I’ve read say that “It’s a Trap-eze!” is a difficult polish to work with, and I can definitely see why with the glitter load of each dip of the brush looking like the second coming. As with anything, though, if you take your time, that really couldn’t be further from the case. For my swatch I did four easy coats plus two coats of top coat to smooth out the texture.


The glitter payoff is astounding in all honesty, and what I found really cool was that I didn’t have to manipulate the glitter at all in order to achieve my final look. Oui, au naturale! It also retains it’s sparkle through the multiple coats of the milky white base, which is a huge plus. The only drawback I can think of was that I didn’t take more pictures!

Thanks for dropping in, guys! Until next time!



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