A.S.P. Whitening Nail Paste Review

I have yellow nails. From cigarettes to of course nail polish on the daily, I’m not doing them any favors. I know there are methods out there that claim to whiten nails, like lemon juice for example, but I’m lazy and I’ve never tried it. It’s freeing to be so honest I’m just saying.

I dropped in at Sally’s today to pick up another item I’ll be doing a review on soon, and while I was there I noticed the A.S.P. Whitening Nail Paste was in stock. I came by this product the last time I was in Sally’s and they were all sold out, so I snatched it up assuming that was probably a good sign. At just under $3 with a beauty club card I figured it was worth a shot, especially since I’d went nekkid today and the yella’ tinge was on my mind a little more than usual.


The tube is about the size of a travel toothpaste and the nail brush is full-size. I’ve actually never used a nail brush before!

The box instructs us to:

1.) Wet the nail brush thoroughly and apply a generous amount of nail whitening paste.

2.) Gently scrub entire nail surface including under the free edges and nail beds.

3.) Rinse paste off and repeat on the other hand.

Sounds simple enough, no? I actually read a review on this product wherein the person had applied the paste directly onto the nail bed and let it sit for a minute instead of applying it to the brush, and that’s what I ended up doing. Before I applied the paste, I made sure my nails were free of all nail polish and oils.


I let the paste sit for about a minute before wetting the nail brush and scrubbing away. My thumb didn’t get as much action as the other four fingers. I blame it on Swatcher Syndrome.

According to the back of the paste tube you’re supposed to scrub for “about one minute or longer for really stained nails”. I scrubbed for 3 minutes total (pausing once to take a photo). For those wondering, it wasn’t a chore. The paste lathers really well and feels soapy. I didn’t need to apply any more paste but I did wet the brush once more during scrubbing.


When my timer went off I rinsed my hands and immediately noted the difference, albeit slight.


I read it may take 2-4 sessions to see results at full effect, so I’ll probably use this paste a few times a week and see how well it holds up over multiple scrubbins. In the end, I think it worked fairly well and was absolutely worth the money. I would definitely re-purchase (although I’ve heard whitening toothpaste works as well, so I may try that, too). I will update with my results after I’ve used it a few more times.

Have you tried A.S.P.’s Nail Whitening Paste? What were your results?

Thanks for reading, guys. Until next time!


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