Nail Polish Q & A

Hey, everyone! So I got the idea of doing a nail polish tag from Queen of the Girl Geeks’ blog earlier in the week and figured now was the time to do mine since I broke 200 bottles of nail polish yesterday! It’s also a good way for you guys to get to know a little about me and my preferences 🙂

1.) How many bottles of nail polish do you own?


2.) What’s your favorite shade of nail polish?

I love dusty shades. Dusty blues are probably my favorite. Zoya in Kristen would be a really good example 🙂

3.) What’s your LEAST favorite shade of nail polish?

Pink. I have a lot of pinks but I just don’t feel they compliment me in any way.

4.) What’s are your favorite brands of nail polish?

My favorite mainstream brand would have to be essie because of their vast color selection, plus they’re super easy to watermarble with. My favorite indie brand would certainly be Level Up Lacquer because she has the most unique crellies ever and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Watermarble using essie Spring 2016 collection by @sittingpolishpretty

5.) Home or Salon?

Home, home, home. I paint my nails for fun but it’s also the most effective relaxent for me.

6.) To glitter or not to glitter?

I love glitter and I will put myself through the torture of having to remove it over and over again for the sake of pretty, sparkly nails. I did a review on a glitter nail polish remover gel that has the remover part down, though.

7.) What do you use to organize your polish?

I just use a whatnot shelf. It has four shelves and is big enough to hold all my nail polish as well as removers, creams, oils, and my bottles of biotin vitamins!

8.) Dream nails! If you could create one design what would it be?

I would do really dope drag marble designs. My last drag marble attempt turned out pretty cool, but I still have a lot of practicing to do.

That was fun! Maybe I’ll search old nail polish question tags and do another one sometime 💅

Thanks for stopping by!

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