Mint For Joy (Group Mani In Memory of Talia Joy Castellano)

Do you remember Talia Castellano? If you’ve ever loved makeup or spent endless hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, then you probably do. Perhaps you’ve come across her some other way.

If you don’t know who Talia Castellano is then you’re really, really missing out. She loved makeup and was an honorary Covergirl at 13 as well as a famous YouTuber from the age of 12 up until the day she lost her battle to leukemia and neuroblastoma — diseases she’d fought for six long years. The last video she uploaded was one of her painting her nails mint green.

Instagram user @dwooleybooger (a.k.a. Donna) has put together a little group mani endearingly titled “Mint For Joy” (Joy is Talia’s middle name), and anyone with an Instagram account can participate in doing a mint manicure in rememberance of Talia Joy (you must have an Instagram account in order to send Donna a picture of your manicure). If you’d like to participate just send a DM to @dwooleybooger and she will add you to the group chat where you can then post your photo.

Unfortunately, the deadline to enter your manicures is coming up fast and I sincerely apologize for the late posting. Donna is asking to have all photos in by the 13th and will then publish all photos she’s received on the 16th. Participants will then be able to upload photos of their own mint manicure to their personal timelines. The 13th is two days from now, so get to paintin’, guys!

In the meantime if you want a feel of who Talia Castellano was, you can still visit the YouTube channel of the forever young beauty guru, America’s true sweetheart, who would have grown up to do beautiful and amazing things had she only been given the chance.

Rest in peace, sweet angel. You continue to inspire so many.

Talia's favorite movie was Finding Nemo, and the phrase "just keep swimming" inspired her every day.

Disclaimer: None of the images used in this post belong to me. I found them in Google images using keywords “Talia Castellano”.

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