Pure Ice ‘Girl On The Run’ Quick Dry Formula Top Coat Review

Pure Ice Girl On The Run Quick Dry Formula

Hey, guys! Today I’m going to do a quick review on Pure Ice’s Girl On The Run Quick Dry Top Coat. Hope you enjoy!

A few weeks ago I was running super low on my beloved Seche Vite and was cringing at the idea of having to pay full-price for another bottle (the first two I ever bought were a BOGO deal, so at the time, it wasn’t a thang). I did not want to do it and so I put it off, something I’m extremely good at anyway.

Coincedentally I ran across Pure Ice’s version of their quick dry top coat, Girl On The Run, in stock at Walmart one day (I hadn’t been able to catch it in stock before then). I snatched it up, put it back, then snatched it up again. My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of it being a “quick dry” top coat for two bucks and people were out there spending $7-9 on a bottle of Seche Vite or Out The Door. There was no way this stuff worked, but then again, Walmart was always bought out of it. That had to mean something, right?

I paid for it, skeptical but hoping for the best. I swatch a lot and needed a quick dry option, plus I sometimes do my nails right before bed-time, so it’s sort of a must have. Seche Vite has absolutely ruined regular top coats for me; I just don’t use them anymore.

The first mani I sealed with Girl On The Run (GOTR) was some map nail art I did for a nail art challenge on Instagram. I had painted a compass by hand (using nail polish) on my index nail and GOTR melted it. I was horrified. I threw it into my drawer, thinking it wasn’t good for nuthin’, and decided to just suffer through the goopy bottom remains of the rest of my Seche Vite until I ran out of options.

I made it through a few dodgy manicures before I decided to give GOTR another shot on a straight solid color mani without compasses (now I’m wondering had I been using acrylic paint instead of nail paint would GOTR have worked out okay — I’ll have to buy some acrylic paint to find out). I waited maybe a minute longer than what I’d normally wait before applying Seche Vite to lay down a single coat of GOTR, and it worked perfectly. This was before bed, too, and in the morning there weren’t any of those pesky bed-sheet marks.

My friends, the $2 quick dry top coat Girl On The Run by Pure Ice does indeed work, at least on regular manicures. I’d say it’s dry in about 45 seconds. If you do a lot of nail art it probably isn’t worth a complete switch or anything, but I would pick up a bottle for solid color manicures just so I could reserve the expensive stuff for securing nail art (that stuff is hard work)!

GOTR did seal my dotticure without making the colors bleed however (it sealed two dotticures, actually), so perhaps it isn’t completely lame for nail art:



In my honest opinion, the price makes it insanely worth it, regardless of the fact it smudges nail art a little (okay, a lot):

The Victim

I’m leaving this one up to you guys! Personally, I’m going to continue to use it as long as intricately designed compasses aren’t involved, because the stuff works pretty damn good otherwise. It’s two bucks, com’on now.

Until next time!



      1. You’re the expert between us. If you try it, I’ll know whether it’s fine sticking with it or switching . I saw it last night in WalMarts for just under $5.00; red bottle and .45 fl oz. Meanwhile, sounds like you have plenty to use up first.

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  1. Good to know! I think I might give this a try. I order my Seche Vite from a seller on Amazon for about $5. Problem is, it takes a little while to get to my house because it’s not sold on Prime. I’ll try this for those times I’m waiting on a refill!

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  2. what did you use between layers on the dotticures? Is it just the top coat? They are gorgeous. I’m trying to learn how to dot better, and you have inspired me to try again.


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