Indie, Indeed! Nailicity Polish Swatch and Review

Hey, everyone! This post is just a touch different from the norm (I say that with this being only the second post concerning “the norm”, that’s funny) in that it isn’t exactly a genuine part of the “Indie, Indeed!” series, meaning it wasn’t a random selection.

You see, Matt and I sort of treated ourselves to a little vacation last weekend and ended up spending quite a bit of our money (going camping…I mean what), so I wasn’t able to take part in my usual purchases that I would normally be reviewing for you guys today yesterday. Believe me, I was really quite sad about it. Oh, and I’m a day late on top of it! I failed! But you know what? It’s okay! I’ll do better next time, and I also have a back-up plan for the present that’s just as good: Nailicity Polish.

Nailicity Polish was the very first indie company I ever swatched for, so it’s pretty special to me. Her polishes are home-brewed and as of now she has a total of thirteen shades, all 5 free, with new shades being added pretty regularly. One of them — a shimmery, sparkly black number called Wolf & Raven — is a new favorite of mine and will be one of yours, too, once you buy it. Her polishes will set you back only $5 a pop for a 12ml bottle and she also sells a swatch kit of 5ml minis when it’s available.

Today I’ll be showing you swatches of Wolf & Raven along with all twelve other shades as well. To save a little repititive talk, all of the polishes I’ve tried have had great formulas and an easy application. The finish on these are best described as satin/metallic shimmers.

Note: This post is a little picture-heavy, so please allow just a moment for the page to load fully.


Okay, first one up is a soft, glowy light pink called “Champagne Bath”. This is three coats as it’s a little sheer but builds nicely. I wore this to my sister-n-law’s wedding and received several compliments on the color. I hardly ever (or never) wear pink outside the confines of my own home, but I loved how girly “Champagne Bath” had me feeling, even if it were just for the night.


Next in line is a striking cobalt blue called “Tallulah”, a shade on par with this summer’s trends. This is two coats, no top coat.


“Respect The Wilderness” is a forest green shimmer, shown here in two coats, no top coat. Most of these polishes dry to a semi-matte finish, so if you want a shiny mani with these just add a glossy top coat.


Ah, the favorite child, “Wolf & Raven”. This is shown in two coats ONLY because I ran out of polish on my longer nails during the first application. Wolf & Raven is easily a one-coater. The finish reminds me of leather and it also has pink and blue micro-glitter dispersed throughout. I haven’t been able to pick the glitter up with my camera, but it is visible in person.

Wolf & Raven w/Heart Bonus Pic

My preciousss…


This one is pale yellow “Well Yellow, There”, shown above in two coats, no top coat. There were a few visible brush strokes present after application; a gentle hand and a little patience works extremely well with this kind of formula, especially with the lighter colors.


“San Sebastian” is an emerald green shimmer. This is two coats, no top coat.


“Ecliptica” is a light blue shade that seems to glow, similar to “Champagne Bath”. My notes say there was a slight duo-chrome effect to it that I wasn’t able to pick up with the camera. This is two coats, no top coat.


“Northwind” is a pastel light green. This is two coats, no top coat.


“Fury of the Wild” is a textured glitter-heavy pink. It is a little on the thick side but still a breeze to apply.


“Purple Heart” is a purple crème with subtle blue shift and an even more subtle shimmer. This was another favorite of mine and another glower. Shown above in two coats, no top coat.


This is “Storm Clouds”, a moody shimmery Alice blue. This is only one coat, no top coat. Absolutely lovely shade.


This one is “From a Dark Horizon”, a lilac purple with light blue shift and blue micro-glitter. This is two coats, no top coat.



Last but not least is “Labia Minotaur”. Love the name, love the polish. Above I have it layered over white, black, and by itself. In the first photo I am wearing just one coat and in the second photo I’m wearing three coats. This polish is a very sheer pink glass fleck with blue shimmer and it rocks. The photos hardly do it justice.

Here’s a couple of bonus pics to show you guys what else Nailicity Polish nail polish can do!

Nailicity Polish nail polish stamps! <Champagne Bath, Tallulah, Respect The Wilderness and Wolf & Raven stamped over white/Wolf & Raven stamped over Tallulah>
Wolf & Raven Bonus Pic: Look at teh sparkles
Nailicity Polish nail polish watermarbles! <Champagne Bath, Ecliptica, Well Yellow There, and Respect The Wilderness>

That’s all for now, guys! I’m glad I was able to finally write up a swatch and review for Nailicity Polish as I’ve been meaning to for a while now. This was the perfect time for it! We should be back to our regular series (following my by-random rule) by the first week of July, shipping permitting.

Until next time!

Disclosure: I received these polishes for free from Nailicity Polish in exchange for swatches. A write-up on my blog was not initially discussed nor required and all opinions of the product are mine. This is not an affiliated post and I will not be compensated for any clicked links.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love the colors!
    I just featured a Supernatural nail polish collection on my blog that I’ve been dying to get my hands on, but after seeing this I’m not sure which I’ll buy first >.< Too many options and too little money!

    Liked by 1 person

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