Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel Review

The other day I was at Walmart and came across a rack at the front of the store selling a bunch of discounted items. My husband and I were sifting through them when he showed me this:


Now, like many of you, I won’t hardly wear a full glitter mani because of the violent thoughts inspired by the removal process. It takes forever and my nail beds literally hurt from all the pressing and rubbing by the time I’m finally finished. Because of all that, it’s always a glitter accent nail here, a glitter accent nail there…you get the picture, because you probably do the same thing. I do have peel off base coats, but even those don’t always work exactly as they should.

So I bought this “Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel” — there wasn’t another name for it anywhere on the box — because I was super curious and it was cheap. It’s distributed by Vi-Jon. I visited their website on the ride home and it looks like they distribute everything personal-related from shaving cream to colognes, although I’ve never seen their namesake on a bottle anywhere. Moving on.

As soon as I got home I pulled out my favorite full-coverage glitter by OPI.

OPI Ce-less-tial Is More

This is OPI Ce-less-tial Is More, a light pink full-coverage glitter with holographic glitters dispersed throughout. Super pretty, super hard to remove with regular acetone. I applied three generous coats to my middle finger.


The box states that the remover gel soothes skin with coconut oil that helps condition and moisturize cuticles, which sounds great. It also says ‘strip the nail, soothe the skin’ on the side of the box. While the latter sounds appealing, the phrase ‘strip the nail’ icks me out. But I had to try it. For two dollars. For the glitter. And for you guys.

The directions say to apply the “gelled” solution (is it not really gel as the name suggests? Why the quotation marks?) generously to the nails, let sit for two minutes, and you should be able to wipe the polish away with a cotton ball. Theoretically.

The solution itself is a translucent purple and has small blue beads inside. It smells absolutely fantastical, almost like sun lotion (must be the coconut oil).


I took a photo of it on a cotton pad so you could see what it looked like, but I did apply the “gel” (it is gel for all those wondering) to my nails straight from the bottle. I set a timer and waited for my nails to fall off.


I recorded a video of the removal — or I thought I recorded a video of the removal, I just can’t seem to get the whole video thing so far — but this product did work! For $2 I was able to remove this stubborn glitter in five seconds. Color me impressed.


I’m unsure why the gel was discounted as much as it was, whether it’s being discontinued or if Walmart was just getting rid of some old stock, but if you’re able to find it in your Walmart, then definitely snag it. For two bucks it’s a for sure must-have in your nail supplies arsenal.

Thank you all so much for reading! Until next time! 🙂



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