Indie, Indeed! Black Dahlia Lacquer Swatch & Review


My first order for the “Indie, Indeed!” series was with Black Dahlia Lacquer. BDL is a mother/daughter team Deanna and Aubrey from Austin, TX. Their polishes are vegan, 5 free, and cruelty-free (and SO PRETTY). They offer their polishes in 12ml and 8ml bottles. You can purchase through shopping their website at or through one of their various stockists (you can find a list of them on their website, and, if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, they restock at a few boutiques as well).

I ordered five polishes in the 8ml size on May 31st and received my package on June 7th – all in all fairly quick shipping. I hounded them a lot during the shipment – I’m so not used to ordering things online and I worry about things going wrong – so I hope they don’t hate me. If by chance you’re reading this now, I’m sorry!

The nail polish came in a standard white box:




When I opened the box I was surprised to find an extra nail polish and a vial of cuticle oil had been added to my order free of charge! The free polish was “Petals From The Moon” in 8ml and is not available on the website. I’m not sure if it’s a prototype or if it will be released in the future. The cuticle oil is in a 10ml vial, applies via rollerball, and the scent is Bergamot (smells like oranges and spices…so good!). The oil retails for $6.50 on the website, so with everything included (the 8ml bottles retail for $6.00 – $6.75), I received about $13 in free product. Very generous of them!

Pawing through the bottles I came across one that had busted during shipment. I emailed Deanna about it and she returned my email later that day saying she would ship out a replacement the next day. It’s on its way now! So far nothing but good things from this company.

The bottles are an elongated coffin shape and the brushes are flat and wide like O.P.I.’s brushes (but they aren’t too wide; these brushes would fit comfortabley inside anyone’s nail, unless you’re a baby). The comparison between that of an 8ml bottle and a 12ml bottle isn’t that much at all, and I would feel comfortable suggesting the 8ml for a first-time buyer just trying the polish out (though I can tell you the quality is there and you wouldn’t be disappointed with a 12ml bottle, either).

Now, on to the swatches!


First up is Rose Bud, one of their newest additions and the main reason I wanted to swatch for BDL. Just look at it! Crelly’s are one of my favorite finishes and this one is a good example why. From the site: a “light green-tinted fossil grey crelly packed with bright red, neon pink, neon violet, green, tangerine, yellow, neon blue, gold and white flakies”. Whoah, now. Which color flakie isn’t in Rose Bud?


Next up is Petals From The Moon, a magenta-pink polish with dense holographic glitter scattered throughout. This was a one-coat wonder and I got many compliments on it when I wore it to work. Everyone loves a pretty holo. Which leads us to…


Olaf’s Snowflowers! This one was pretty, but it didn’t look like the pictures on their website did once applied (the picture on their website made it look so smooth). Of course it is a textured polish and I did apply 3 coats so it wasn’t going to be smooth. I’m sure if I layered a coat (maybe even two thin coats) over white or over a concealer even and a thick coat of top coat, it would turn out like the pics on their website. Maybe, I haven’t tried it yet.


Next is Koa Tree, another one coater. I had the hardest time getting a good picture of this pretty girl (she goes on the nail dark). I finally had to step outside! From the website: “a dark plum crelly that shifts to burgundy with gold flakies and gold shimmer”. My collection of flakies is growing! #Goals


Next to last is Barton Springs Babe. From the website: “a green crelly with blue-green shimmer and navy flakies”. The flakies in this one were a bit tougher to pick up with my camera, and even with the naked eye they blend in with the base color pretty good. Opaque in 2 coats.


Last but not least is Lady Bird Lake, the one that had busted during shipment. I was able to get a four finger swatch in before it started leaking from being handled. I loved this one. It was fully opaque in just one coat and, aside from it being another gorgeous holo, it had a nice and noticeable gold shimmer to it! Super unique and super amazing on the nails. I’m really glad I ordered this one and even moreso they were willing to replace it. Here is a bonus pic of it outside in the sun:


There you have it, my first “Indie, Indeed!” post! I would recommend Black Dahlia Lacquer. They have amazing shades and their prices are fantastic! I’ll definitely be buying from them again in the future. Comment below if you’ve ever tried Black Dahlia Lacquer before and tell me what you think!


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