Hey Everyone! Important Info Below ⤵⤵

Hey everyone, welcome all ya lovely faces to my new and improved nail blog! I have a lot of plans for this thing and I’ve been waiting now for over three weeks (weeks, I tell ya, weeks!) to churn out the first post and get the ball rolling on it. I know this is probably the trillionth blog dedicated to nails and nail polish, but as the old saying goes, “there are many like it, but this one is mine and it’s legit”, or something similar to that anyway. So, feel free to check back in and maybe even subscribe so you won’t miss any updates. I swear you won’t be too disappointed!

Before we get into all the really good stuff (new nail polish, hello?), here’s the usual intro stuff.

My name is Chelsea, so you can call me that. I’m 27 years old, and I loooove painting my nails. That’s literally all I do. I’m always getting myself in trouble for not being an otherwise responsible grown-up (nobody’s grown up, puh-lease). I’m married to a wonderful human being (I guess that makes me an alien!) and sometimes I think even he is a holosexual. We have a daughter, Kayleigh, who is nine, and a Staffy we call Buddy, who is a year old and still acts like he’s in his mother’s womb.

Whew. That wasn’t too bad. A little cynical here and there, but not bad!

I buy more nail polish every two weeks. I had a friend introduce me to Sally’s once and I told her, “Matt’s gonna kill you”. It was a great thing, though, because Walmart just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I still buy from Sally’s and Ulta from time to time (lord in heaven on all the discounted nail polish at Ulta a girl can handle), but Sally’s and Ulta doesn’t carry a lot of the absolutely gorgeous nail polish you can find online. Nail polish made by folks like you and me.

Matt and I deal exclusively in cash and the only bank card I have is a prepaid visa, so making online purchases is a hassle. Because of this I only thought of buying these indie polishes until one day I bit my knuckle and loaded fifty bucks into my card. I made a purchase on livelovepolish and the metaphorical lightbulb in my head exploded and glass went everywhere: since I was buying nail polish every two weeks anyway and boredom with mainstream nail polish had begun to set in I thought to myself, “why not just buy indies so I could get what I wanted?”

“Why not indies”, indeed!

And “Indies, Indeed”, a series showcasing the indie nail polish company of the bi-week, was born! Every two weeks I will order some nail polish to try from a random indie company (sounds like the best way to try everything out!) and then review everything from start to finish (ahhh, that textured finish feels sooo good) right here on my blog.

There will be other posts (nail art, swatches from my current collection, etc.) to fill in the gaps in between shipments, but this series will be the main focus of the blog and I’m really excited about it! I hope you are too and that this is something you can get behind!

As a matter of fact, two posts are ready to go up already (I just have to write them! I’ll be doing that today); my first installment of “Indie, Indeed”, and a collection that I swatched for another indie company! Might I remind you all that I am new when it comes to indie nail polish, so please forgive me if/when I feature companies the majority of you have already tried!

Giveaways are also something I’d like to offer my followers on IG (account @sittingpolishpretty) when I get enough of them (I will probably do the first giveaway around the 300 follower mark). If you’re on Instagram go and give me a follow! Let me know you came from my blog and I’ll happily follow you back 🙂

Thanks for reading and check back for the first “Indie, Indeed!” post up later today! Have a fantastic Friday!


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